ICC 2017 Taipei, Taiwan update….

The deadline to submit an abstract is 29 June, 2017.

The full list of abstract topics may be found below.
For more information please go to the ICC website www.icc2017.tw. Detailed instructions can be found via this link.

Travel Grants are still available for ICC 2017!

The following are still available to applicants who meet the criteria listed on the website and should be applied for at the time of abstract submission via My ICC 2017.

- ISC Young Investigator Travel Grants for ICC 2017 are still available to ISC Member Society members.
- ICC 2017 Young Investigator Travel Grants are still available to all who meet the specified criteria.

Priority will be given to applicants from low / middle income countries.

ICC 2017 abstract topics:

Basic Science
• Basic Science Research on Mechanisms of Microbial Pathogenesis and Host Response
• Basic Science - others

Molecular Biology, including Diagnostics
• Molecular Diagnostic Methods
• Molecular typing
• Molecular biology - others

• Diagnostic/laboratory methods (other than molecular)
• Point-of-care tests
• Diagnostics – others

• Antibiotic stewardship and Antibiotic usage
• Antimicrobial Pharmacokinetics, Pharmacodynamics and General Pharmacology
• Mechanisms of action and resistance
• In vitro antibacterial susceptibility and drug interaction studies
• New and “old” antimicrobials
• Methods for antibacterial and antifungal susceptibility testing
• Antimicrobials - others

Clinical ID
• Community-acquired infections including CAP, sepsis, STD,...
• Antimicrobial clinical trials
• Mycobacterial infections (including diagnosis)
• Infections in the immunocompromised host and transplant recipients
• Paediatric infections
• Clinical ID - others

• Resistance and mechanisms of action of antifungals
• Fungal infections and antifungal therapy
• Mycology - others

• AIDS and HIV infection
• Hepatitis
• Emerging, epidemic and pandemic viral diseases
• Virology - others

Tropical medicine and parasitology
• Travel medicine, tropical and parasitic diseases

Vaccines and immunology
• Vaccines
• Immunology, host defences, immunotherapy

Infection Control & HAIs
• General infection control measures (hand hygiene, isolation, PPE use, …)
• Cleaning, disinfection & sterilization
• Healthcare associated Infections (HAP, SSI, UTI, BSI, CLABSI)
• IC & HAIs others

• Epidemiology of MRSA, VRE and other Gram-positives
• Epidemiology of MDR Gram-negatives
• Surveys of molecular epidemiology of resistance and resistance genes, strains or serotypes

Public Health
• Public health and community-acquired infections
• Emerging infectious diseases (non-viral)
• Public Health - others

Information technology & eHealth Electronic resources, e-support, eHealth, and big-data

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