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Current Officers

V Krcmery


Vladimir Krcmery

J Benca


Juraj Benca

All Members

Irad Beldjebel (France)
Roberto Cauda (Italy)
Susan Dudo (Iraq)
Mercy Gladstone (Russian Federation)
Max Philipe Jacmel (Haiti)
Jirina Kafkova (Czech Republic)
Maria Komlosi (Hungary)
Vlastimil Kozon (Austria)
Alexandra Mamova (Sudan)
John Mutuku Muli (Kenya)
Jose Suvada (Uganda)
Catherine Zollerova (Slovakia)

How to Join

Members of an ISAC Member Society are eligible to join any of our Working Groups. If you are a member and would like to join this group, please contact the Chairperson and Secretary (if applicable).

Aims and Objectives

There is very little data and no prospective research possible in the field of disaster medicine, including infectious diseases. “Unpredictability” is an inherent element of a disaster situation. After World War II the illusion of world peace disappeared 5 years later with the Korean War when, for first time, biological weapons were officially used on insects and rats infected with bubonic plague. Thus, both anthropogenic and natural disasters belong to everyday life. Medical conditions related to these unexpected events are different:

  • Affects masses of patients (population)
  • Appear unexpectedly
  • Public and health sector is unprepared

Medical consequences of disasters are i) immediate, ii) consequential or iii) late and may be apparent or latent (1,2). Infectious diseases belong to ii) and iii).  For further information, click here.

The aims of the Working Group are  -

  • Investigate ID (surveillance), antibiotic practises and resistance development in areas of natural disasters, catastrophes and conflicts
  • Summarize results of data on ID, etiology and ATB resistance from affected areas, respond with control measures
  • Educate doctors, nurses, MPH`s to prepare on epidemics in areas of disasters


6-9 May 2010 Symposium at the 1st SEEC in Varna, Bulgaria
3-6 Nov 2011 Symposium at the 2nd SEEC in Belgrade, Serbia
8-11 Nov 2012 Symposium at the 3rd SEEC in Dubrovnik, Croatia
6-9 June 2013 Symposium for the 28th ICC in Yokohama, Japan
1-4 April 2014 Symposium at the 16th International Congress of Infectious Diseases, Cape Town "ID in refugees"
17-19 October 2014 Symposium at the South European Congress of Chemotherapy, Bled, Slovenia "Infections in Migrants"
13-15 November 2015 Symposium on ID References at the 6th SEEC, Thessaloniki, Greece


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