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R Babela


Robert Babela

M Parker


Mark Parker

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Vivek Naterajan

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Maryam Alowayesh (Kuwait)
Hamad Alsultan (Kuwait)
Dragana Baltezarevic (Serbia)
Manfred Lutz (Costa Rica)
Tanja Novakovic (Serbia)
Tomas Tesar (Slovakia)
Vladimir Uraz (Slovakia)



How to Join

Members of an ISAC Member Society are eligible to join any of our Working Groups. If you are a member and would like to join this group, please contact the Chairperson and Secretary (if applicable).

Aims and Objectives

Our understanding of the pharmacoeconomics of antiinfective chemotherapy has improved and has reached the point where this science should be taken into consideration not only for the proper development of new agents but also for the proper clinical use of antimicrobial agents. Pharmacoeconomic evaluation of new drugs and/or Health technology assessemnet became necessary part of many reimbursement procedures around the world, especially in Europe. We need to provide more insights into current practices and use researchers, regulators and clinicians to help us to understand value of new technology in time of health budgets constrains and strict drug policies. While this is now more and more recognized by Academia, Industry and Regulatory Agencies, there is presently a need for further training in this field.

The aims of the Working Group are to promote international exchange of ideas and new research into all aspects of PE, also in collaboration with other scientific societies (i.e. ISPOR).

Our Work Plan is as follows - 

  • Organise a workshop on PE during the biannual ISC congress
  • Organise occasional educational meetings
  • Encourage scientific exchange with other scientific organisations
  • Implement the PE approach in anticancer/antiinfective therapy
  • Apply for research grants

The most recent meeting of the Working Group took place 27th March 2015 in Chigago during the MBAA International Conference.


25-27 March 2015

The 51st Annual MBAA International Conference

  • Mandatory Generic Substitution in Slovakia: Quo Vadis? Robert Babela, St. Elizabeth University 
  • The Role of the Ministry of Health in the Accreditation Process of Healthcare Programs in Slovakia: 5-Year Review. Robert Babela, St. Elizabeth University 
  • The Debt Evolution in Healthcare System in the Slovakia Republic from 2003 to 2013. Robert Babela, St. Elizabeth University
13th November 2015

6th South European Conference on Chemotherapy and Infection

Pharmacoeconomics in antimicrobial treatment: trends, challenges and opportunities

Chair: Robert Babela (Slovakia)
Co - chair: Mark Parker (UK)

  • Economic evaluations in time of increasing antimicrobial resistance in community: Robert Babela (Slovakia)
  • Antimicrobial Agents and Current Pricing and Reimbursement Policies Across Europe: Tanja Novakovic (Serbia)
  • Economical evaluation of drugs in Slovakia as the main conditional for reimbursement and its impact on innovation in treatment of infectious diseases: Elena Marusakova (Slovakia)
  • Modeling issues in Antimicrobial Treatment: Mark Parker (UK)

    (Sponsored by: International Society of Chemotherapy - I.S.C. for Infection and Cancer’s PHARMACOECONOMICS Working Group)


Projects / Publications

2014-2015 Empirical therapy for respiratory tract infections in an era of increasing antimicrobial resistance: a decision and cost analysis.
Project supported by MSD Slovakia, paper with results submitted for publication
2014-2015 Knowledge, belief and attitude of General Practitioners, Pediatricians and selected specialists in prescribing cephalosporines, macrolides and broad- spectrum penicillins for Respiratory Tract Infections (RTIs) in Slovakia - a prospective study.
Project supported by MSD Slovakia, results under statistical evaluation, first data will be submitted to ISPOR 2015 in Milan, Italy.


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